Welcome Beginners

You can start your Swing dance journey today!

Beginners Lindy Hop Classes

Hours of online beginners classes covering basics, footwork & technique plus access to Let's Lindy Hop instructional DVD (normally £24.99) and Learning resources

Beginners Jazz & Charleston Classes

Hours of online beginners solo Jazz & Charleston classes and learning resources

ABC of Vernacular Jazz

Online beginners guide to Jazz dance - Thursdays 7pm-7.30pm

Learn classic Jazz and 20s Charleston vocabulary.


Swing at Sway Online!

Music, dancing & chat every Monday night from 7.30pm live at Swing at Sway Online

Online Private Lessons

Fast Track To Learning - for weddings, parties or something fun to do at home. Online private lessons with Simon via Zoom.
Email Simon for details.

Instructional DVD

Want a longer, more detailed beginners class?  Let's Lindy Hop instructional DVD - to purchase as a DVD or download from the Lindy Hop Shop

Music to practice to

Lindy Hop: Nice and Easy (110-140bpm)


What is Swing dancing?

Swing dancing refers to dance styles that originated in America in the late 20s and developed in the 1930s and 1940s as Swing music became popular. Styles include Lindy Hop or Jitterbug, Jazz Roots, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Blues, Big Apple, Shim Sham… Find out more