Simon’s Swing Notes

What is Simon’s Swing Notes?

Swing Notes is a weekly article where Simon, who started Swing dancing in 1982, muses about life in the swing world, commentates on what’s going on and more often than not, the why & how you can get the most out of your dancing.  Diving into the annals of history & traditions that have been handed down to him, the aim is to be educational, thought-provoking & occasionally controversial, sharing his personal thoughts on the dance, music, history & today’s swing dance scene. Be warned – Swing Notes will seriously improve your dancing!

Simon's Swing Notes Vol 311: History and evolution of swing dance – the Texas Tommy! (7 April 2024)
When veteran dancer Frankie Manning was asked one time about where the Lindy Hop came from, I remember him mentioning several dances that came before the Lindy.... Read full article

What people say…

"I love receiving the Swing Notes email from Simon. It's my favourite dance related newsletter of the week and I always make a special time with a nice cup of tea when I read it. It's an event, in itself and makes me think about dancing, not just my own, but how dance fits into life, for me.. and those around me. Its always enjoyable. In this weeks edition though there seems to be even more between the words, something really quite profound and I wanted to write to say how much I appreciated it. Simon talked about his first Dance Teacher, and Anna added her own experience. Given the years they have spent within the dance world that in turn relates its own story. My own experience is something I have spent the last hour or so thinking about. I want to thank Anna & Simon for sharing their thoughts and feelings in Swing Notes. If anyone reading this is not already subscribed... you should be. You'll learn a lot about dance, life and yourself." Aaron Savage