What level am I? Which class should I take?

Knowing your own level and finding the right class for you is important to get the most out of a dance lesson. In the right class, you should enjoy yourself but feel challenged and always come away with something new. If you have a doubt which level is right for you just ask the teachers for advice!


Learn to dance in a fun and friendly environment. No experience necessary or partner required.
Our classes normally start with a short warm-up, followed by 3 or 4 classic moves that you can put into action straight away. We are well-known for making difficult things easy, and whilst we put a strong emphasis on technique, concepts and useful exercises that build a really solid foundation to your dancing, we believe you learn better when you're having fun! We recommend you should attend a minimum of 10 beginners / fast beginners lessons before moving into intermediate.

Expect a warm welcome!

Fast beginners/Improvers

You have done beginners or have other dance experience. Whilst it's still a beginners class and everything is explained in detail, it moves faster than an absolute beginners. No partner required. It's a great place to build vocabulary and technique, as well as learning the dances signature moves. We recommend you should attend a minimum of 10 beginners / fast beginners lessons before moving into intermediate.


Although you don't consider yourself an expert, you know many of the classic moves and you have been out on the social dance floor, but you want more! Learn more variations, develop your styling and refine your technique in the intermediate class. Challenge your dancing and notice the changes in your everyday life: your posture, confidence and of course good spirits are guaranteed to improve with your dancing! No partner required.

Intermediate / advanced

You are a regular on the social dance floor and you are comfortably using the material learnt in the beginners and intermediate classes. However, you are still eager to learn more and looking to take your dancing to the next level with added technique, rhythms and musicality. At this stage you understand it will require a bit more work on your part and are prepared to invest more in yourself.


You know your basics inside-out, you can lead or follow anyone on the social floor and you enjoy playing with your own ideas and now you realise it's time to go back to basics so you can take them to a whole new level. You still want to learn and be challenged in your dancing, find more finesse in your lead and follow, dance more musically, or maybe perform or compete. Advanced level classes will guide you to make you a better dancer and a better partner. Why not enquire about our performance troupes?