The teams

The Sugarfoot Stompers

Swingdance UK's professional troupe

From atmosphere dancing to a full-on show, a formal dance class to one-on-one teaching, the Sugarfoot Stompers are the perfect ingredient to make your event one to remember. They perform, teach and add a fun vintage touch everywhere they go, as a single couple or a small troupe. Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Rock n Roll, Charleston, Ragtime or Twist, just ask or to have them all check out our Journey Through Jazz Show.

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The Diamond Girls

Swingdance UK's Chorus Girls

Add some sparkle and glamour to your event with Swingdance UK's cheekiest girls. Coming as a duet up to a Chorus Line they will dazzle you with their Gatsby Charleston, Broadway Jazz and Showgirl numbers.

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The Lindy Crew

Swingdance UK's semi-professional performance team

Composed of advanced students and trainee teachers, the Lindy Crew is the ideal option to bring in a great show while keeping within your budget. They perform a repertoire of Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll and Charleston routines and can lead a taster class for your guests. They are great to add atmosphere dancing in the background or getting your guests on the dance floor!

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The London Hoppers

Swingdance UK's amateur performance team

Composed of enthusiastic students, the London Hoppers love getting around and spreading the joy of Swing dancing. Whether for a charity event or a family festival, they will go around with a big smile and get people on the dance floor. The Hoppers can perform a routine or two and be the heart of the party!

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