Swing Dance at the Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

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12 Week Lindy Hop Course - Tuesday 14 Sept - 30 Nov
Saturday Swing Time Christmas Party - Saturday 11th December 2021 - Bookings now OPEN!
12 Week Lindy Hop Course - Tuesday 11 Jan - 29 March 2022 - Bookings now OPEN!

Lindy Hop with SwingdanceUK
Lindy Hop with SwingdanceUK

Current Course: Tuesday 14th September - 30th November 2021

Next Course: Tuesday 11 Jan - 29 March 2022 - 12 Week Course

7.40pm Improvers Lindy Hop - we recommend you have done the beginners course twice or have other dance experience
8.20pm Social/Strolls
8.30pm Beginners Lindy Hop* - no experience needed or partner required
9.15pm Social
10.15pm Finish

Taught by Simon Selmon, teaching Lindy Hop since 1986 bringing over 30 years of experience learning from many original masters of the dance & Nina Daines, an award winning Jive, Blues & Lindy teacher.

Curzon Centre, 43 Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield, HP9 1RG
BYO refreshments. Free car park.

Book the course £84 for 12 weeks per person. (Book tickets below or email for BACs details for bank transfer)
Drop-in price for improvers £10 per person on the night - LEADERS needed!
*Please note we do not take new beginner students after the third week of each course as we work to a syllabus.
Beginners: If you try the first class and it's not for you come and speak to me at the end of the night and we are happy to offer you a refund for the remainder of the course.
Improvers: We are offering Improver drop-in sessions for £10 per person.
Refunds will be given if any classes are cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

Covid Safety
We are limiting numbers for this course so that there will be ample space for those that want to dance in their own bubble. This may change if we feel it is safe to do so.  During the classes, dancers will be given the choice if they wish to rotate or stay together with one partner.  We will be using the wristband system below (wristbands available on the door).
Red wristbands: Hi! I’m only dancing with my partner or prearranged partners, happy to talk at a distance
No wristband: happy to dance with anyone, ok with hugs & high fives

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Saturday Swing Time - Christmas Party!

It's time to party!
Saturday 11th December 2021
Doors 7.30pm

Theme: PANTO!!
with prizes for the best panto costume!

Beginners & Improver Lindy Hop Classes 7.45pm, Strolls & the Shim Sham!! 

Plus charity Christmas raffle!

Pre-booking recommended!
Cost: £11 for the first 30 people to book / £12 until 06 Dec / £15 after and on the door

Curzon Centre, 43 Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield, HP9 1RG

Lindy Hop with SwingdanceUK

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*Tickets will be on a first come first served basis and we are limiting this event to ensure there is ample space for those who want to dance in their own bubbles. Full refunds will be given if we have to cancel due to Covid restrictions.

Covid Safety

As club promoters we feel we have a responsibility to make sure the event is as safe as possible for everyone participating. With that in mind we are keenly keeping an eye on the current pandemic situation.

Following on from our survey about wristbands, we will have wristbands available on the door:

Red wristbands: Hi! I’m only dancing with my partner, happy to talk at a distance
Yellow wristbands: only dancing with pre-arranged dance partners, ok with talking, an elbow bump is ok
No wristband: happy to dance with anyone, ok with hugs & high fives

You can see a highlight of the results below or read the full review.  

Highlights (You can read full review below):

Optional coloured wristbands
Wearing masks is voluntary but supported & recommended for non vaccinated dancers
Well ventillated dance hall
Limited tickets
Encourage NHS test before attending but not mandatory
Respect everyone's choice

As I've said, I've listened to all the feedback.  Particularly interesting was several comments about colour blindness and that red and green is a particularly difficult combination for colour blind people to distinguish so I'm looking at a couple of options for that.  My thoughts at this stage are that we will not insist people have to wear wristbands if they don't want to and if you choose not to wear one then the other people can make their own decisions based on that choice, but we would ask everyone to respect people and their choices.  Some people have requested that they only want to dance with people that have been vaccinated and I totally respect that decision, however from my understanding, being vaccinated doesn't stop you either catching or spreading Covid.  As several people pointed out, what's very important is the ventilation system in the building and, for example, at the Curzon club we have 3 doors we can open and although it may be an issue at wintertime, that shouldn't be a problem during the summer.  We are also thinking, at the moment, we will limit the number of ticket sales to ensure there is space for those who want to dance in their bubble.
I understand there are some people who, for personal or medical reasons are not able to get vaccinated right now and I would hope that they would feel comfortable to come dancing knowing that the room is as safe as possible and that they would choose a red or yellow wristband to keep their distance from people they don't know.
Wearing masks will be voluntary and fully supported for anyone who feels more comfortable to do so, not mandatory although recommended for non vaccinated dancers.  
We would encourage people to take an NHS test before coming to the dance but it is not something we will enforce.  At the end of the day, I personally have gone on public transport, gone to the supermarket and walked past or sat near to people not knowing if they were vaccinated or tested negative before I sat near them.
I understand there will be some people who do not feel comfortable in a situation but having explained in as much detail as we have, it will be their choice as to whether they attend or not. 
I understand from the BBC news that the government will be making a further statement about restrictions just prior to the 19th July and then of course we have to see what happens once all the restrictions are eased and it is very possible that a lot of what I have written here might have to change based on what we feel is both responsible and safe but allows us to get back to some form of dancing.  I know that many of you have missed being in a social environment and will appreciate the best opportunity we can offer.  Currently, I am looking at my dance at the Curzon Centre on 21st August as a test event to see if enough people are interested in going back to dancing, which I hope to be the case, and I am looking at some Central London opportunities further down the line.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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