Thursday Swing Club – Advanced Class

Original Savoy 400 Club Jacket Belonging to Rudy Winter's Father

It's a Thursday Swing Club where advanced dancers and would be advanced dancers can get together in a small group atmosphere under the tutelage of Simon and Anna, working on becoming well-rounded dancers of the American Vernacular Jazz dance tradition, including Charleston, Jazz and Lindy Hop

The class is split into three sections working on basics and drills, social Lindy Hop and the theme of the day, which could be anything from Jazz, slow dance, Shag, Ragtime, Musicality, Air Steps...

We expect plenty of input from it's regular members and whilst it is possible to drop in for a one off session, weekly attendance is encouraged. 

The class takes place in Central London Thursday nights between 8-10pm.

Due to the format and limited numbers, attendance is by application only.
Contact Simon or Anna for full details